Wednesday, 23 September 2015

SEO Content Misconceptions Answered

Even if search engine optimisation has become a household name of sorts among businesses, many people still have a few misconceptions or misunderstanding about SEO. Here are three questions many people have.

If I use the same word repeatedly, is that keyword spamming?

First of all, not only is keyword spamming a thing of the past, but it is not even a factor anymore because Google does not operate on a keyword-only basis. The fact is that if you have content that focuses on one topic in particular, then you are likely to have some words repeated numerous times. So long as the content is useful, Google will rank it up and not down.

What if my spelling and grammar are not perfect?

Google created the spelling and grammar rules a long time ago when content farms were churning out poor quality and spun content for the sake of having content. Nowadays, your spelling and grammar aren’t as important so long as the text is useful and is easy to understand. One assumes, then, that a piece written with very poor English construction and grammar would be difficult to understand and, ergo, would be of little use.

How do I know if my content quality is good enough?

Google has never clearly defined what it means by “high-quality content” because there probably isn’t a single definition. It is more a guideline on what not to do as opposed to what you should do. High-quality content can be loosely described as content that appeals to its target audience and may also be useful to most searchers. What Google should have done, though, was to make it clearer that they punish low-quality content rather than reward high-quality content.

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