Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Getting the Right Image Captions in Web Design

Image captions are elements of web design that don't get the attention they warrant. When designing a layout for your website, look at how the designer captions the images. It is said that people read captions more than they do the body text. Captions serve to clarify images and their purposes. Consult with experts in web design Leicester to find out the plan regarding captioning image on your site.


The styling of the captions is one of the elements that will carry weight. Different styles will bring out the best in an image. The selection will depend on the images. For instance, a news website can have minimalist style in its captions. The best way to make a minimalist style work is to make it simple and elegant without being boring. It is vital to consider the type of website and the image before selecting a caption style.


Besides the styles, the colour will also have an effect on the whole layout. Depending on where the image is on a site, the caption colours can break or make the picture. Too much colour can be counterproductive to the whole point of describing an image. Consider the background, body text and the image itself. Caption colours should complement these three. The image captions should be in colours that make them easy to notice and read.


Consider the font as well when adding image captions. Sans Serif is a very popular choice but you can try to experiment. Think about elements like readability, aesthetics, and gender when choosing the font. Pick a font that will stand out both in size and shape but will not take anything away from the image.

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