Saturday, 21 May 2016

Ensuring an Effective Web Design: Is your Website Mobile Responsive?

In Leicester, the use of mobile devices to surf the internet is growing at an impressive pace. Unfortunately, most businesses have not optimised their websites for mobile devices. As long as SEO is in the picture, a mobile responsive design is a big deal. With more benefits backing the prospect of having a mobile friendly website, responsive web design in Leicester is proving to be fundamental for every business. Growing proof The properties of the design of your site could make or break your online business. Depending on your industry vertical and your audience, mobile users could account for close to 70% of the email opens. According to Google, many searches today take place on mobile devices. Understand that responsive design is a ranking factor in the SERPs. Failing to design a mobile-friendly website, therefore, means that you may begin to see your rankings drop.

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