Tuesday, 9 February 2016

3 Major Mistakes Small Business Websites Must Avoid

First impressions are everything. There's nowhere this is more true than in the arena of web design. Yes, the "arena", because if one small business has a fantastic website and their competitor has one that's harder to navigate, that'll affect how customers think of each one. And odds are, the business with the better website will be getting more customers out of it.

Don't Rush Things

Once your website's on your mind, you might be tempted to get it "up and running" quickly. But that breeds the kind of carelessness a small business website needs to avoid.

In Leicester, a lot of niche businesses get away with having peripheral websites because they don't have much competition. The more competition you have, the slower you have to take it.

Make Sure the Website Is Easy to Read

Avoid flashy colours, layouts that require scrolling, more pages than you need. Consult with a professional on this one. Make it easy to read and find what the customer needs!

Make Sure You Have a Call to Action

A website is a sales pitch. And just like any good sales pitch, it needs to motivate the customer to act right away. Have a call for action on your home page – you won't regret it.

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