Monday, 14 December 2015

Top SEO Techniques for 2016

It is no secret that proper lead generation requires modern and streamlined SEO techniques. In fact, a recent study found that no less than 57 per cent of all business owners claimed that such solutions were the most important in terms of sales and marketing. What can we expect during 2016 and which tactics are the most relevant?

The Needs of the Search Engine

It is estimated that online searches are responsible for a massive 81 per cent of all sales. The Leicester business needs to be able to appreciate which terms are driving revenue and which ones should be replaced. Without such insight, clients may not be aware that the company even exists. This has been the primary driving force behind outsourcing SEO needs to a professional third-party firm.

Local Tactics

Google has placed a great deal of importance on locally relevant search results and this trend is expected to become more pronounced in 2016. As a Leicester business will rank higher, adopting such an approach is critically important to gain a competitive edge.

Modern Techniques

"Black hat" SEO and other dubious tactics are now frowned upon more than ever before. This is the final tenet which should be appreciated. Not only will these be penalised by Google, but a site may even be pulled from its search engine listing entirely. Once again, this is where the expertise of a professional Leicester SEO company can prove invaluable.

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