Thursday, 19 May 2016

Website Design in Leicester – It’s more than just a pretty picture

Most people today don’t give a second thought to what’s gone on behind the scenes of those myriad all-singing, all-dancing websites they visit on a daily basis. Unless of course the site is slow to load, links don’t work, or it won’t fit onto the smartphone screen. So what is it that professional Leicester web design companies have to achieve to ensure your website ranks high in SERPs, and provides your brand the high exposure it deserves? Browser Codes: Most searches are still organic-based, meaning they originate from the search engines. Yet search engines themselves can read programming code differently. The code for each web browser has to be checked and tested, to ensure end-user experience remains constant, and your web page displays as it should no matter whether viewed from Google, IE, or one of the many other browsers available.

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