Monday, 21 March 2016

Top Web Design Elements Your Business Website Should Have This Year

Website design trends are constantly evolving and any Leicester business needs to keep ahead of this ever-widening curve to remain successful in 2016. So, what are some of the key developments that are certain to make waves in the coming year and why should professional web design tasks be outsourced? The Scrolling Page Thanks to the advent of smartphones, many pages will now need to incorporate what is known as a "long scroll". This is a very important feature in terms of responsiveness, for a growing number of visitors are now accessing Leicester websites via mobile devices. Lacking this addition can have grave results in terms of clickthrough rates. The Virtual (and Automated) Experience While online customer services have already become automated, a study performed by Garner Research claims that human interactions will no longer exist by 2020. What does this signify for 2016?

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